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I get a call once a day and the customer on the other line asks me the same question ; “what is the cheapest shed that you have “? I reply “we do not sell cheap sheds, we sell quality sheds “! Please don’t be fooled by the other guys. 

The Competitors beware video is my personal research on buying a shed cheap. You’ll be amazed at the ripoff report!


We do RENT TO OWN on barns!
No credit check!
Like having your very own storage unit in your backyard!
You save gas by not driving to a storage unit. you save time because it is in your back yard. Not to mention you will OWN the barn; not just rent it. And payments start as low as $76 for our 8×8!

Quality Amish built barns. Made to last for the rest of your life. We are the best in the business. Ohio State Barns 740-641-1086