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At Ohio State Barns we are closed on Sunday’s. We feel that it is important to spend time with our family and refresh our minds. Even though, on Sunday’s  we actually have more customers stop in than any other day of the week! (We know because our pamphlets are always completely gone by Monday morning). 

I have noticed that my nearby competitors stay opened on Sunday’s. This is fine with me. But I wonder about their integrity when they claim to be an “Amish” builder, yet they work on Sunday? 

Our compeditors are not too convincing😕

I genuinely feel that  the Ohio State Barns family has been very blessed in our actions. 


I love the Business that I am in! I get to meet new people everyday. I am not a very outspoken person, but I have found that in sales; it is all about the customer. Everyone has something unique about themselves that makes them interesting. I spend most of my time just talking with people about life in general.

I have found that I really do make real friends through my job. Also, I feel that I make more sales just being myself than doing the whole high pressure sales thing. I find myself running into more and more people that I have sold a building to.

Even if my prices may sometimes be $100 more than the next guy, a lot of people will spend the extra $100 just to buy a Shed from me. 

To blast off into the 2015 Ohio shed market, we introduce to you……..

The Frontier

This modern storage building starts off with the thickest flooring in the market, 2 inches of solid pressure treated tongue and groove flooring on top of our 4″x4″ pressure treated skids.

You won’t find another shed builder in Ohio doing this with their floor. But at Ohio State Barns we intend for our product to last you for the rest of your life, or most of it! 

The next you’ll have your walls sitting pretty at 16″ OC with a strong back nailer that Ohio State Barns really takes pride in. Our strong back is notched into the wall framing!

Imagine how long it took a guy to notch out every single 2×4! 


The Frontier also comes with an impressive 12/_\12 pitch roof! 

It kinda looks like a mother in law suite. 

Ohio State Barns

#ShedinOhio ,#OhioShedsForSale

    Even in the cold of winter, Ohio State Barns keeps moving forward. We have sheds for sale all year long. And we get orders all year long. 

    Our quality Amish craftsmen use real nails. You might be saying to yourself right now “what else would be Amish use besides’s nails “. The funny thing is is a lot of companies claiming to have Amish built sheds, use cheap materials like staples to put their sheds together!



    Staples are for paper, not building materials ! 

    This particular building has barn siding on it . And the light stain gives it a nice rustic look ! Our Amish craftsmen had this cottage shed up in less than three hours 




    so if you’re in the market for a shed , don’t forget to check us out at

    I guarantee that you will not find a better price for a building with this quality ! 





    I get a call once a day and the customer on the other line asks me the same question ; “what is the cheapest shed that you have “? I reply “we do not sell cheap sheds, we sell quality sheds “! Please don’t be fooled by the other guys. 


    The Competitors beware video is my personal research on buying a shed cheap. You’ll be amazed at the ripoff report!




    We do RENT TO OWN on barns!
    No credit check!
    Like having your very own storage unit in your backyard!
    You save gas by not driving to a storage unit. you save time because it is in your back yard. Not to mention you will OWN the barn; not just rent it. And payments start as low as $76 for our 8×8!

    Quality Amish built barns. Made to last for the rest of your life. We are the best in the business. Ohio State Barns 740-641-1086