Even in the cold of winter, Ohio State Barns keeps moving forward. We have sheds for sale all year long. And we get orders all year long. 

    Our quality Amish craftsmen use real nails. You might be saying to yourself right now “what else would be Amish use besides’s nails “. The funny thing is is a lot of companies claiming to have Amish built sheds, use cheap materials like staples to put their sheds together!



    Staples are for paper, not building materials ! 

    This particular building has barn siding on it . And the light stain gives it a nice rustic look ! Our Amish craftsmen had this cottage shed up in less than three hours 




    so if you’re in the market for a shed , don’t forget to check us out at OhioStateBarns.com

    I guarantee that you will not find a better price for a building with this quality !